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Short presentation of the LIStrat tabletop (in development):

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First Light

We are up and running!

We are


Our goal is to simplify material analysis in industrial QA/QC, metallurgy, environmental and academic research with emphasis on layer thickness and surface monitoring.

This blog should provide technical and practical information for customers, investors and collaborators until the launch of our official website (same place).

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The Idea


Lab setup - Top view. The laser is focussed onto the sample where it ignites a plasma.

Environmental impacts on functional micro-scale coating systems in microelectronics, medical, aeronautical, offshore and automotive technologies determine operational safety and sustainability.

One major aspect in industrial quality control therefore is the precise and accurate determination of coating thickness and/or the fast and reliable detection of irregularities during the surface refinement process.

Out of a highly fundamental academic research area - the interaction of laser-light, plasma and matter - and in tight cooperation with an Austrian expert in electroplating-development we were able to develop a rapid and reliable micro-invasive method of depth profiling, which can be used for every common multi-layer coating in industry.


Laser induced plasma formation in air. The surface of this ball is around 15000 degrees.

The only requirement: Clear sight at the sample's surface.

Who we are

Coming from the field of Physical Chemistry with 10 years of praxis in nanotechnology of interfaces and plasma spectroscopy, our experienced team can provide a tailored solution for the task at hand; be it routine analysis in a production line, on-demand sample analysis as a service (SAaaS) or on-demand mobile assessments.

What we do

Trying to understand what happens when shining light on material is not all the time as easy as explaining why the tin roof heats up in the sun.

When dealing with special light e.g. lasers and short timescales - in our case nanoseconds - one billionth of a second ( 1/1 000 000 000 s ) - we have the possibility of removing very thin slices of matter on a very small spot, barely visible to the naked eye. In this process a micro-sparc is ignited by the laser itself, whose light contains all the chemical information of the ablated material. This light we can analyse on the fly and thus receive slice-by-slice information of the illuminated sample. For more information, please check LIBS .

Our speciality now is to calculate relevant information of layer boundaries, chemical and compositional similarities or the progress of in-depth conamination by spectral evaluation. For more information have a look at our research section .


Analysis of the historic Jesus figure of Vienna's prestegious "Stephansdom"

Plans for the future

Our business plan is to develop an existing laboratory setup to market readiness. It is intended to construct a modular, market-ready prototype, which may be tailored to customer requirements, followed by marketing the system both by offering on-demand analysis services (for both, as a proof of concept and for tayloring our system to customer's requirements) and selling complete analysis systems.

Cooperations with big Austrian developers and producers of motorized stage-systems and opto-mechatronics will transfer our knowledge and technical experience from the research-laboratory into the factories and federal testing facilities of Europe and the world.


A vision for a tabletop version.


Online analysis in the production line